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    Question about classpath in JET

    That was it! I actually read on some other forum about using that variable but I had no clue of how to properly specify the classpath in there. Everything is now working correctly. Like you said, I did have to include as well the other items that were in my application's classpath for it to work normally. Thanks!
  2. ajvpr

    Question about classpath in JET

    If I do this I would have no way of accessing the audio zip file. I need to have it in the classpath so it will load the resource (the zip file) to my application's working directory. This is the way I'm calling the audio files inside the zip file: InputStream mis = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream( "audioFile1.wav" ); If my audio.zip is loaded in the classpath this call should work no problem.
  3. I am working on an application that is being built with JET and I'm having trouble adding an item to the classpath. I have a zip file (audio.zip) that contains audio resources that I want to pass through the classpath. The important detail is that this file must be separate from the executable. So this would be an add-on to the program after it is installed. This file, if present, would be at the application's install directory in Windows. Through our regular building methods (just building a JAR), I could just pass the name of the zip file as a classpath argument and it would not complain about not having it available. When I try to do this with JET, it always complains that the zip file is not available when trying to build the project. I have tried to specify that this is an external zip file/resource that will be provided outside the .EXE but the build still fails. Here is what my classpath directive looks like: !classpathentry audio.zip -pack=none -protect=nomatter -optimize=autodetect !end Any ideas how I can make this work?