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    Stack size in multi-DLL project

    Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what we thought, but it is very reassuring to see it spelled out so clearly.
  2. We have a project composed of several .prj files that generate DLLs and then one that generates an EXE, using those libraries. We've encountered a StackOverflowError in a portion of our code that uses recursion. We could probably address this issue in a variety of ways, including just using iteration in the first place. But the question is this: in our multi-.prj setup, if we were going to adjust the -stacklimit or -genstackalloc options, would we need to do so in only the EXE-producing file (as seems intuitive), or in all files? Should these directives even appear in the other, DLL-producing prj files? It seems we currently do have the -genstackalloc+ line in all files.