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  1. Hi, We're testing ExcelsiorJET 9.0 both 64 bit and 32 bit Evaluation version. We see that a simple plain JAVA SE application that uses native DLL x64 (JOGL http://jogamp.org/jogl/www/) compiled with ExcelsiorJET 9.0 x64 has lower performance than the same application compiled with JDK 7 u25 x64. When we use 32 bit JOGL version and we recompile with ExcelsiorJET 9.0 32 bit (with or without Global Optimizer settings) this doesn't happen: our 32-bit version of application effectively has a little improvement of performance. Why this doesn't happens with 64 bit version of ExcelsiorJET? We read in the manual that "not all optimizations available in x86 version of Excelsior JET are implemented for x64. They will be added in subsequent releases.". This can be related to? The performance with application compiled with ExcelsiorJET x32 anyway are lower than the same application that use 64 bit version of JOGL compiled with JDK 7 u25 x64. Can ExcelsiorJET version 10 that you planned to release in september has improvements in the performance of 64 bit compiled application? Thanks in advance