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    jar to exe

    thanks man it really helped
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    jar to exe

    Hello i got a problem to execute the 7 steps in the Exelsior Jet Tool. My Problem is directly in the first Step where i had to describe my application. 1. [OK]i choose the direcotry where the directory should working 2. [OK]i have no properties or something like that. this is reason why i let the text/combobox free 3. [OK]i choose my *.jar file of my project and i include this jar file in the list 4. [FailureMessage] If i try to choose my Main Class.. i got the exception "Classpath does not contain main classes". I got a simple program with netbeans.Its only a frame with a button and jtext. So regulary i would say, that i can developing and my class (its only one class) got a main method as well. Sowhere is the problem ? :/ i am happy with any solution