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  1. Hello,

    I am having issues with my JET builds. When running my java program built with JET, the performance is much worse compared to running the program using Java 1.8.0_65. I am experience the program taking 4 to 5 times as long when running the built exe.

    I have included a sample java program that demonstrates the issue. The general idea of the program is to read bytes from a file and parse them into two float arrays. The sample program hogs some memory (about 2GB) to simulate my actual (more complex) program and runs a couple of methods many times. The bug only seems to show up in my small sample program when I have the code using the 2GB of memory. An output file is created with the following lines:

    * the number of bytes read from the file

    * the total time for many repetitions of my readData() method

    * the total time for many repetitions of Arrays.copyOfRange()

    I ran this sample program using the jre included in jdk1.8.0_65 and then running a JET build of the program. The JET build readData() output times were about 5 times longer than when running with the jre.

    Can someone try to reproduce these results using the attached java code and help me with a fix.

    I will attach a zip containing the java file and a data file. The data file should be located at the runtime directory or its path added as a program argument.


    My Environment Specs:

    Windows 10 Home

    Intel i7 64-bit

    16 GB RAM

    Excelsior Jet for Windows 11.0 with Maintenance Pack 1