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  1. Post-install action can be used to move installed files into other folders. Unfortunately, moved files will be not automatically removed during uninstall phase. You should take care of removing such files yourself.

    We recommend to use Excelsior Delivery. It supports installation of application files to any number of folders in addition to the main installation root.

    Excelsior Delivery is free for non-commercial use. It has no time restrictions, supports full functionality of the commercial version. Excelsior Delivery and Excelsior Installer can use the same project files. Backward compatibility of project files is not supported.

    To create additional installation root, go to the page "FILES" and press the button "Create New Root" on the panel "PACKAGE FILES". Please refer to the page http://installer.excelsior-usa.com/doc/delivery/eit002.html#0016 for details.

    I have a problem. Besides I need to create a folder in programdata, I need to create and install a service. I realized that trying to create the programdata the JetPack, is disabled creation option service. Does anyone have any solution? :unsure: