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  1. As far as we know, Excelsior JET compiled Java applications work ok on Windows 10 right now.

    Excelsior JET 11.0 was not tested against official JCK (Java compatibility test suite) on Windows 10,

    however Excelsior JET 11.3 is planned to be tested there and Windows 10 will be included to the list of officially supported platforms.

    We are going to release Excelsior JET 11.3 in June.


    I understand your explanation. Thanks very much.

    I feel relieved.

  2. Hello Excelsior JET team.

    At first, I am Japanese so my English is poor sorry.


    About : The EXE installer file that is maked by Excelsior JET on Windows8 for Windows application use.

    This Installer and EXE is enable to use Windows10 ?

    Sure I know JET does not support on Windows10.

    And I want to know the future plan and when about JET will be supported on Windows10.

    Finally, I appreciate the Excelsior JET product very much.

    I will release the swing application by JET compiled EXE file.

    Thank you.