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  1. Thanks again, Alexandr! Yes, this was what was said (I guess by your team mate?) on SO. Apparently, there were several dependency errors on the Ubuntu installation itself that had to be resolved first. I did and ran your command again and now it works. Thank you
  2. This was the error I encountered. I was able to install this before, but I upgraded to the latest Ubuntu, so I had to start over. I made a "mistake" by fetching the latest JDK 8, instead of update 91. Does that have anything to do with the error? I saw an old answer on StackOverflow to install several x86 libraries, which I did, but it still didn't resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for the assist!
  3. idle

    JVM arguments during execution

    Yet another great and informative reply. I've managed to test it properly and confirm that the flag is indeed working, and also found a nice workaround in the process. Thanks again!
  4. idle

    JVM arguments during execution

    Thanks so much for the quick reply, Alexandr I went over the section, specifically the "Standard Runtime Options" and it did say the "-xss" argument is recognized. Just to be sure, it's saying that if I pass the argument, the app will have custom the thread stack size set, correct? I use the following code snippet to query the -xss parameter from the JVM RuntimeMXBean rbean = ManagementFactory.getRuntimeMXBean(); List<String> args = rbean.getInputArguments(); by looping through the args and parsing the value for "-xss". When I do this on my JET-compiled app, it doesn't find an arg containing "-xss", which is expected if -xss is not set or isn't on the args list. I'm guessing, since you're saying JET will run the app with the -xss set correctly, that either RuntimeMXBean isn't functioning correctly when ran from a JET-comiled app or JET does something different under the hood, and, therefore, I shouldn't worry about it at all? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, How do I pass JVM arguments to the created executable (e.g. -Xms, -Xss), during execution? Another process is calling my app via ProcessBuilder/Runtime.exec, and it needs to pass these dynamic arguments to it. I've tried doing <myapp> -Xms:1024M -Xss:2M, but it doesn't seem to take, since I queried the app and it says that the app is still using the system default value for thread stack size. Thanks.