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  1. Hey!

    I want to provide an portable version of my application which should work for any OS. Is there any way I can combine the applications build for Windows, Linux and Max OS X?

    I combined the rt directories and it seems to work, but as there were around 50 files which were different and I had to decide whether to override or not, I am not sure if that will work for any scenario or if that will result in errors.

    Any ideas or better solutions?

  2. I am trying to integrate my application more into OS X. When my main class is com.example.HelloWorld, then usually the name in the dock is HelloWorld, unless you change it with -Xdock:name="MyProgram".

    Sadly, this does not work with Excelsior! It also seems, that the resulting main class after jetcp is named "app", as that is always the name in the dock when I start the jet optimized file.


    Edit: I am using the maven plugin: