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  1. Hello everyone, I am using Excelsior Jet 15.0 ( amd64 ) I have tried - It is nothing happen with large jar if I used before 32bit ( x86 ) than I tried with amd64 ( x64 ) than it shows dump file ( large over than 300 mb ) I will upload to you via mega.nz - If your country can't see mega.nz than you can use evading vpn connector 1. Test Run output: The application has started with command line: java -cp C:\Users\SSB\Documents\MyDevJava\TestWithATSWING\SwtDemo\MyApp.jar;C:\Users\SSB\Documents\MyDevJava\TestWithATSWING\SwtDemo SwtDemo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [LWJGL] Failed to retrieve the JVMTI interface pointer. JET RUNTIME HAS DETECTED UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: system exception at 0x00007ffdde143bb9 Please, contact Excelsior Support at <java@excelsior-usa.com>. Crash dump will be written to "C:\Users\SSB\Documents\MyDevJava\TestWithATSWING\SwtDemo\jet_dump_12180.dmp" Extra information about error is saved in the "jet_err_12180.txt" file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The application has terminated with exit code: 9 jet_err_12180.txt ( mega.nz ) jet_dump_12180.dmp ( mega.nz ) How do I fix that. I have tried - no success with x64 bit :/ But I don't believe that I have already tested with x86 = it works fine - I really don't understand why does it happen? It is really impossible to happen with Excelsior Jet 15 stopped work for large jar with embedded dlls if they copy to temp directory. Thanks and sorry my bad English! // EDIT: Found lwjgl 3.1 can't do with lwjgl 3.1 That is why we need report to lwjgl 3.1 creators But I have tested with Lwjgl 2.9.3 + Swt 4.7.2 = It works fine no problem and no crash. For Lwjgl 3.1.6 / 3.1.7 doesn't work
  2. Yes please check forum of lwjgl You need JVMTI to excelsior jet thanks
  3. Hello I am new here. Thanks for welcome saying.. Since I have tested with Excelisor JET 11.0 I am very proud your application. It can works under Engima VirtualBox 7.7 native content was generated by Excelisor Jet 11.0 example: SwingSet2 270 mb whole contents Embeded executable is 36,7 mb it is very small executable. But it is very nice. PS: Engima Vortual Box doesn't have to access to command lines like <args> from Java VM You need use only BoxedApp Packer or Engima Projector PS: I suggest almost cheap program costs 149 Dollars only single - it is not expensive. But BoxedApp Packer costs over than 300 Dollars. That is why - I think like you would create standalone executable without issues files like executable forgets contents of Java VM and jar files.... That is why - I like to use an embed application build by Excelsior Jet 11 and Engima Projector. = embedded app with commandline. I hope you understand me. Sorry my bad English... Thanks! Best regards from Germany
  4. Hello thanks, no you don't need to use feature for next version just I show with application virtualization or static-ablen application. I show you how do I get embedded application? Check youtube Look *.jar into *.exe with Excelsior Jet and Engima Virtual Box into standalone application Does it works with embedded applications: USB / DVD drive gives embedded application -> no problem! Downloading or uploading process... no problem uninstalling and installing process... no problem via reg and powershell StartProcess <embedded app> -Verb=RunAs and more features. It can use via powershell if embedded runs as Administrator. more features... no problem Does it not work? Nothings I didn't get problems... Yay... I hope you understand video about Excelsior Jet and Virtual Box! If you like my idea than you allow me - If I develop more embedded applications without jre or jdk. If I use command lines like <embedded app.exe> <args> than I use Engima Protector x86 or x64. If I use jre/jdk x64 than I must use Protector x64 because binary will be aviad to current architecture x64.