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  1. Hello I am new here. Thanks for welcome saying.. Since I have tested with Excelisor JET 11.0 I am very proud your application. It can works under Engima VirtualBox 7.7 native content was generated by Excelisor Jet 11.0 example: SwingSet2 270 mb whole contents Embeded executable is 36,7 mb it is very small executable. But it is very nice. PS: Engima Vortual Box doesn't have to access to command lines like <args> from Java VM You need use only BoxedApp Packer or Engima Projector PS: I suggest almost cheap program costs 149 Dollars only single - it is not expensive. But BoxedApp Packer costs over than 300 Dollars. That is why - I think like you would create standalone executable without issues files like executable forgets contents of Java VM and jar files.... That is why - I like to use an embed application build by Excelsior Jet 11 and Engima Projector. = embedded app with commandline. I hope you understand me. Sorry my bad English... Thanks! Best regards from Germany
  2. Hello thanks, no you don't need to use feature for next version just I show with application virtualization or static-ablen application. I show you how do I get embedded application? Check youtube Look *.jar into *.exe with Excelsior Jet and Engima Virtual Box into standalone application Does it works with embedded applications: USB / DVD drive gives embedded application -> no problem! Downloading or uploading process... no problem uninstalling and installing process... no problem via reg and powershell StartProcess <embedded app> -Verb=RunAs and more features. It can use via powershell if embedded runs as Administrator. more features... no problem Does it not work? Nothings I didn't get problems... Yay... I hope you understand video about Excelsior Jet and Virtual Box! If you like my idea than you allow me - If I develop more embedded applications without jre or jdk. If I use command lines like <embedded app.exe> <args> than I use Engima Protector x86 or x64. If I use jre/jdk x64 than I must use Protector x64 because binary will be aviad to current architecture x64.