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  1. Load external configuration file

    Just to reiterate what has been discussed with @AndyDenby over email and to provide a public statement on this issue: It is highly discouraged to manually alter `java.class.path` property. If you will attempt to do it, you must provide ALL dependencies explicitly in that class path. So for this particular case the suggested workaround is: 1. Remove altering of `java.class.path` from `jvmArgs` configuration. Gradle plugin will handle adding all dependencies into class path on its own. 2. Exclude packaged configs (which you want to change after deployment) from created .jar file using following configuration: jar { exclude('config') } Assuming that all packaged config files are located in 'config' directory inside of .jar. The reason for such workaround is that Gradle plugin currently searches import class path entries before external class path entries, so if you don't exclude configs from .jar, JVM will find them in resources of compiled .jar file instead of your packaged external configs. There is a ticket in Excelsior JET Gradle plugin's bug tracker to add proper support for modification of `java.class.path` - https://github.com/excelsior-oss/excelsior-jet-gradle-plugin/issues/36
  2. Natively Compile a Spring Boot Application

    Hello, Could you please try compiling your .java files using `-parameters` argument for the javac and check if this helps?