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  1. I manage to make different dlls for libraries for now. Used jvmprop for all necessary dlls to make others and made the exe with jetvmprop command and also !uses command to show where others are but there is another part for me. Trying to move them in Libraries folder and exe out of it, on the main folder. So this is not working on exe creation part :( What do i need to change? I also use exe for one part of the program, others are on the dlls and there is also another dll for the main exe. 

    For example:

    Client jar to splitt 2 jars. Clientexe jar and clientdll jar. So exe one makes the exe of the program and other is the main dll. So that main dll will be on the same folder too.


    In which file should i show location and what is the right way to do that? ./Libraries/xyz.dll ?

  2. 3 hours ago, dbg said:


    Excelsior JET allows you to separate a project into several DLLs and one main executable. This feature is known as creating of multi-component applications. You can read about it in Excelsior JET User's Guide here:


    Please also find example that demonstrates this feature in our samples: <JET installation directory>\samples\MultiComponent


    For these purpose updatable installation package could be created in JetPackII. You can read about it here:


    Thanks for the reply. I'm currently working on that and manage to split 2 dlls and 1 exe working together but when i change smt in the first one (inside the jar) and repack to dll it doesn't work with others. On the result part there is no errors no warnings. 

  3. Hello to everyone,

    I'm new on Jet Excelsior. I started in a company and we're developing java application contains lots of classes and libs. So what is the best way to do updateable one. They're using Jet but it makes one exe for the install and then they release it via JP2 setup. 

    So i have to make seperate dlls but there is lots of java files. And also make it updateable when we change example frame.java kind of things.