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  1. Hi, If I annotate a method with @Lookup Spring will dynamically generate code in that method using CGLIB. Will this work with AOT compilation? Tx.
  2. I'm compiling a tomcat application. Everything works fine, except one thing. In the application I have the following: import org.modelmapper.PropertyMap; public class MyPropertyMap extends PropertyMap<X, Y> { @Override protected void configure() { map().getSomeProperty().setAnotherProperty(source.getId()); } } When I run the native compiled exe, the above runs fine. When I run the same exe through the trial run in JetPack II, I get a nullpointer exception in the map()... line. I assume because geSomeProperty() somehow returns null, or source is null, or both. What could be the issue?
  3. Vash

    Installation failed

    Yes, it turned out Bitdefender was the culprit.
  4. Vash

    Installation failed

    The 32-bit version also fails with the same error. I tried installing on 2 different machines (same make and model), one on Win 10 64, and another on Win 7 64. Same result.
  5. Vash

    Installation failed

    Hi, I just downloaded the evaluation version of JET from this link https://www.excelsiorjet.com/download/release/12.0/eval/windows/templink/7wcHzNMC/jet-1200-eval-en-windows-amd64.exe Installation fails: right when it says "Finishing setup" an error message pops up with error code 3221225506. See screenshot. A search on this forum yielded no result for this error code. What could be wrong? OS: Win 10 64 bit Lenovo E560, i7, 16 GB RAM. Thanks.