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  1. I'm compiling a tomcat application. Everything works fine, except one thing. 

    In the application I have the following:

    import org.modelmapper.PropertyMap;
    public class MyPropertyMap extends PropertyMap<X, Y> {
        protected void configure() {

    When I run the native compiled exe, the above runs fine.

    When I run the same exe through the trial run in JetPack II, I get a nullpointer exception in the map()... line. I assume because geSomeProperty() somehow returns null, or source is null, or both.

    What could be the issue? 

  2. Hi,


    I just downloaded the evaluation version of JET from this link https://www.excelsiorjet.com/download/release/12.0/eval/windows/templink/7wcHzNMC/jet-1200-eval-en-windows-amd64.exe

    Installation fails: right when it says "Finishing setup" an error message pops up with error code 3221225506. See screenshot.
    A search on this forum yielded no result for this error code.
    What could be wrong?

    OS: Win 10 64 bit

    Lenovo E560, i7, 16 GB RAM.