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  1. Yes, there will be such precompiled code cache. At the start point, it will be valid for each concrete project and its parts could not be shared for other projects (e.g. with the same libs). Usually, we publish Beta builds of Excelsior JET on our site, so everyone could try it. You can subscribe to Excelsior JET releases (including Beta) mailing list on the main page: https://www.excelsiorjet.com/ Best regards, Excelsior Support Team
  2. Thank you very much for your explanation! In this case, we have an announcement for you about upcoming improvement of compilation time by introducing Smart compilation mode, which will recompile only changed files and their dependencies that could be optimized better after changes. It should significantly reduce compilation time when there are many stable parts in your application, such as third-party libraries. This feature will be included in the next release of Excelsior JET in 2Q'18. However, it will make a multi-component model less useful, so we are planning to deprecate it in 2019. Please take this into account. Best regards, Excelsior Support Team
  3. Could you please tell us why you have started to investigate the multi-component functionality? What benefit do you try to achieve for your application by using it?
  4. We have a little survey about using multi-component model by Excelsior JET users: could you please clarify are you using multi-component model in your real product, and why if so, or are you just exploring Excelsior JET functionality? Thanks
  5. Hello, Thank you for reporting the problem and providing code sample. We have successfully reproduced the segmentation fault with missed "!uses" directive on your sample application. It is likely to be a bug in our loading and linking engine. We will investigate the cause of the problem and tell you as we get any results. Best regards, Excelsior Support Team
  6. Hello, Could you please tell us more information about compilation process: 1) How do you compile your application? Could you send us the compilation log? 2) Are there any active antivirus software on the system? It could block some file operations by filesystem monitoring protection. Any other details would be also helpful. Best regards, Excelsior Support Team