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  1. 11 hours ago, RayC said:


     I am new to Excelsior. I tried to compile a Jar but at the end got the following error:

    Fault 424 -  file create error: Permission denied

    I am the admin, so should have full access right to the folder. Not sure which folder this error refer to?

    P.S. A pop-up window indicating I can click 'fix' button to auto-fix. But I did not see the 'fix' button anywhere...Can some one tell me where it is?




    Could you please tell us more information about compilation process:

    1) How do you compile your application? Could you send us the compilation log?

    2) Are there any active antivirus software on the system? It could block some file operations by filesystem monitoring protection.

    Any other details would be also helpful.


    Best regards,

    Excelsior Support Team