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  1. mohsentaheri

    How to update previus build

    Hi, I have TOMCAT web application, build action(inside Compile Step) take very long time to finish (more than 2 Hour). What should I do when I change just one class inside my application, it seems that build action start compiling everything because it takes very long time to compile again. Please help me if there is a way for updating previous build.
  2. mohsentaheri

    Attempt to compile synthetic class

    Hi, I have tomee web application that using asterisk-java library. when I use Excelsior Jet it compiles perfectly and run application without any error, but when I want to create package JetPack II produce following error: JET RUNTIME HAS DETECTED UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: runtime error at com/excelsior/jet/runtime/classload/classfile/ClassFile.java:1176 Attempt to compile synthetic class file for class 'asterisk/Command'. Please use either 'none' or 'as a whole' pack mode for the classpath entry/OSGi bundle containing the class. I test both none and whole for asterisk-java.jar but none of them work. asterisk-java.jar is 571KB so I can't attach it but you cloud see the source file here: https://github.com/asterisk-java/asterisk-java Please help me to resolve the issue it's very important to me.