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  1. Documentation of RSP file format

    Hi Martin, No, there is no such documentation. This file is just linker configuration, and the only documentation available about it is help which is printed for `xlink.exe`. Regards, Igor Jorch, Excelsior Support
  2. Documentation of xlink, xxd and xpack

    Hi Martin, Yes, the effect of this command is that your exe stats to explicitly import all symbols, that are exported by the specified .so. However, the reason you need this in your build is unknown - you can try to remove it and see what would happen, most probably everything will continue to work fine. Kind regards, Igor.
  3. Spring Lookup method injection

    Hello, Yes, dynamically generated code will be JIT-compiled by Excelsior JET runtime. You can try it out using our Evaluation edition: https://www.excelsiorjet.com/evaluate Also, there is an article in our Knowledge Base about compilation of Spring Boot application to which you may refer while evaluating: https://www.excelsiorjet.com/kb/38/howto-natively-compile-a-spring-boot-application If you have more question, please don't hesitate to ask them in our support: java@excelsior-usa.com Regards, Igor Jorch, Excelsior Suppor