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  1. kruherson

    Uninstall icon missing

    I build my .exe installer of my Java application using Excelsior-jet 15.0. After installation, if I would like to delete my application, there is not icon set in Windows "Programs and Features". Is there any config parameter I have to set? Thanks!
  2. kruherson

    JC console output silent/quiet

    Can I disable/suppress output of Excelsior Jet JC.exe tool? I am running in CMD and want to make nicer output without JC.exe output (just results). I looked in to Guide Chapter 17 JC reference, but I found nothing.
  3. Is there a way to do multi-component applications with this maven plugin? Our normal way of building excelsior installer is to have two excelsior projects "app.prj/exe" and "dep.prj/dll". In "app.exe" there is our application code, in "dep.dll" there are third party dependencies which are not changed a lot. With this two components we can quickly build excelsior installer without having to rebuild "dep" again. In "app.prj" we are using directive !uses, but I cannot find it in maven plugin. Now we want to use maven excelsior jet plugin in our project, but can/how we do it as multi-component application?