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  1. DSO missing from command line,

    Hi Hady, many thanks for the reply. ncurses is not on the system, I have just tried everything on another system which has ncurses installed, but the ncurses files are different, there are no -dev files, Also I forgot that I need to include /usr/local/xds in the PATH. So I failed to get it working. I copied all the ncurses files found in lib64 on the other system, back to the first system, but the same error occured. Downloading files is a problem as I am using PC-Linux with KDE-4 which is no longer supported, the other system has KDE-5 Plasma, which is all bugs, but does have ncurses installed . RPM's are listed listed for many other distros but not for PC_Linux, So I need a little more time to sort my way through this. ******* CONTINUED on the 19-April-18 The Latest failures ********* (* With system still using KDE4 *) [root@localhost Downloads]# rpm -i libtinfo-5.9-alt10.x86_64.rpm error: Failed dependencies: terminfo = 5.9-alt10 is needed by libtinfo-5.9-alt10.x86_64 rpmlib(SetVersions) is needed by libtinfo-5.9-alt10.x86_64 [root@localhost Downloads]# rpm -i terminfo-5.9-59.1.x86_64.rpm warning: terminfo-5.9-59.1.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 3dbdc284: NOKEY file /usr/share/terminfo/r/rxvt-cygwin from install of terminfo-5.9-59.1.x86_64 conflicts with file from package ncurses-5.9-9pclos201 [ USING FIND : ncurses-5.9-9pclos201 NOT FOUND, terminfo-5.9-59.1.x86_64 NOT FOUND ] (* From the above it would appear that ncurses is installed somewhere, but I cannot fine it *) Your search rpmlib(SetVersions) did not match any entry in database. [root@localhost Downloads]# rpm -i libncurses-devel-5.9-alt10.x86_64.rpm error: Failed dependencies: libncurses = 5.9-alt10 is needed by libncurses-devel-5.9-alt10.x86_64 libtinfo-devel = 5.9-alt10 is needed by libncurses-devel-5.9-alt10.x86_64 [root@localhost Downloads]# rpm -i libncurses-5.9-alt11.i586.rpm error: Failed dependencies: libtinfo = 5.9-alt11 is needed by libncurses-5.9-alt11.i586 libgpm.so.1 >= set:jgGopviN0XPf is needed by libncurses-5.9-alt11.i586 (* So into dependency hell, and the conclusion , I seem to be getting nowhere, so I will try with the system running KDE5 ( as buggy as it is At least it has the following ncurses installed : lib64ncurses5 llib64ncurses lb64ncurses-devl lib64ncursesw5 lib64ncursesw6 lib64ncursesw-devl (* But a different error has shown up as follows. *) * [./p0/src/Latin.mod 27.12 F425] * file open error: "FIO.sym" no such file IMPORT FIO$; errors 1, no warnings, lines 27, time 0.01 [dave@localhost xds]$ (* This and similar errors looks to me like the Topspeed bits are not being accessed, but as everything was copied over from the other system I am stumped as to why. and I still don't know if the original error will be cleared or not. . *) Dave P..
  2. DSO missing from command line,

    Hi, I am stuck again, I have compiled a small programme "Latin.mod" xc =m Latin.mod ( converted from Topspeed ) Although the files compile without errors, it still fails. The following indicates the problem, or problems, but it is meaning less to me. [ CODE ] files: 6 errors: 0(21) lines 8737 time: 0:00 speed 1747400 l/m gcc -o Latin obj/Kb1.o obj/Latin.o obj/Latin0.o obj/Menus.o obj/Mylib.o /usr/local/xds/lib/x86/libts.a /usr/local/xds/lib/x86/libxds.a -lm -lncurses /usr/bin/ld: /usr/local/xds/lib/x86/libts.a(xtsConM.o): undefined reference to symbol 'curs_set' /lib64/libtinfo.so.5: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status tmp.mkf:33: recipe for target 'Latin' failed make: *** [Latin] Error 1 external command fault 2: make -f tmp.mkf [dave@localhost xds]$ [ END CODE ] If someone could explain what I need to do to resolve this, and get a working programme, I will be very happy, any assistance welcome. Best Regards Dave P..
  3. No sym file, ? why, Compiles no errors, 2 warnings

    Hi Konstantin, I think I have sorted this one, A case of Uppercase in Topspeed being changed to lower case in XDS. One uppercase letter got left in the " IMPORT Mylib " Thanks again for the replies, Sorry for any head scratching over a silly error on my part. Best Regards Dave P..
  4. Hi, I have compiled a module Mylib.mod, it compiles with no errors, and 2 warnings, I then tried to compile another module Test.mod which imports from Mylib, but get an error "No sym file" [ CODE Compile Mylib.mod ] [dave@localhost xds]$ xc ./p0/src/Mylib.mod XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "./p0/src/Mylib.mod" * [./p0/src/Mylib.mod 743.11 W903] * function result is not used Ch := $RdKey(); * [./p0/src/Mylib.mod 2430.11 W903] * function result is not used Ch := $RdKey(); no errors, warnings 2, lines 2552, time 0.14 [ END CODE ] Here I tried to compile Test.mod, Which imports from Mylib [ CODE Compile Test.mod ] [dave@localhost xds]$ xc ./p0/src/Test.mod XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "./p0/src/Test.mod" * [./p0/src/Test.mod 25.07 F425] * file open error: "MyLib.sym" no such file FROM $MyLib IMPORT GetKey, Colors, RetainColors, RestoreColors, errors 1, no warnings, lines 25, time 0.00 [ END CODE ] Both Mylib.def and Test.def compile no problems. Are the warnings causing the problem ? or am I missing something ?. [The CODE causing the warnings follows, + a similar procedure ] PROCEDURE FlushKeyBoard; VAR Ch : CHAR; BEGIN WHILE KeyPressed() DO Ch := RdKey(); (* Ok so Ch does nothing, but I don't need it to *) END; (* while *) END FlushKeyBoard; [ END CODE ] Any advice as to why there is no sym file , and what I need to do to get around this problem would be most welcome. Dave P.. One other thing, as these are library modules, where do I put them after they are compiled, so that I can import them into an application module.?. Thanks.
  5. No sym file, ? why, Compiles no errors, 2 warnings

    Hi Konstantin , Many thanks for the reply, as an ageing hobby coder, I am on a steep learning curve, and really appreciate the help. I checked in the xds/sym directory, Mylib.sys is in there. [ CODE ] [dave@localhost xds]$ xc Test.mod -lookup=*.sym=.;path_to_Mylib.sym XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "p0/src/Test.mod" * [p0/src/Test.mod 25.07 F425] * file open error: "MyLib.sym" no such file FROM $MyLib IMPORT GetKey, Colors, RetainColors, RestoreColors, errors 1, no warnings, lines 25, time 0.01 bash: path_to_Mylib.sym: command not found [ END CODE ] So I re-compiled the Mylib.def module; then re-compiled the Mylib.mod module then tried compiling the Test.mod module again. [ CODE ] Compiling "./p0/def/Mylib.def" no errors, no warnings, lines 940, time 0.03, new symfile Compiling "./p0/src/Mylib.mod" no errors, warnings 2, lines 2552, time 0.10 * [./p0/src/Test.mod 25.07 F425] * file open error: "MyLib.sym" no such file FROM $MyLib IMPORT GetKey, Colors, RetainColors, RestoreColors, errors 1, no warnings, lines 25, time 0.01 [ END CODE ] The following is the xc.red file, this is in the xds directory xc.* = /usr/local/xds/bin *.tem = /usr/local/xds/bin *.sym = ./sym;/usr/local/xds/sym/x86 *.a = .;/usr/local/xds/lib/x86 *.o = ./obj *.def = ./def;./p0/def *.mod = ./src;./p0/src *.ob2 = ./src *.prj = . [ END ] I believed that the xc.red file did not work, however I have just tried again and all seems OK. [dave@localhost xds]$ xc Mylib.mod XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "p0/src/Mylib.mod" Dave P..
  6. No such obj File + Warning with "eliminated" [SOLVED].

    Hi cypok Many thanks for the reply, I am getting there slowly There was an obj directory already in p0, but not in the xds directory, so I created one in xds, and Menus.o was created after compiling. So all good there. Warnings, Woops, in changing some troublesome FOR loops to WHILE loops I left out the need to increment the loop variable, Now .no errors, no warnings Wonderful, Thanks again, Dave P..
  7. Hi, I am still struggling to get my first module compiled, to start with I am trying to convert some Topspeed library modules written back in the 90's. The first one is Menus.mod, the Def file compiles Ok, I use the Menus module in several programmes , and have eliminated errors associated with FOR Loops etc, but now I get the following file create error, I assumed that the compiler would create this if the module compiled Ok. So has anyone any ideas as to why this error is occurring ? * [*** 0.00 F424] * file create error: "obj/Menus.o" no such file errors 1, warnings 28, lines 1917, time 0.18 [dave@localhost xds]$ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 28 Warnings are listed !, constant condition eliminated , redundant code eliminated , unreachable code, possibly used before definition. The code compiled Ok with Topspeed and worked without bugs, so when I see the word "eliminated" To me that indicates that the code is not included and compiled, but the lines most certainly are required !. So what is the effect of these Warnings ? one procedure from Menus.mod is listed , with the associated Warnings. Any help with these issues would be most welcome.. Dave P.. PROCEDURE SetDepthWidth; [ ONE OF THE Menus.mod MODULE PROCEDURES ] VAR ThisX, LastX, ThisY, LastY : CARDINAL; BEGIN CurrentItem := 1; ChoiceWidth := 1; ChoiceDepth := 1; CurrentRec := MenuPtrs^.Choices; WHILE CurrentItem <= NumChoices DO IF CurrentItem > 1 THEN (* This line = constant condition eliminated, W902 *) CurrentRec := CurrentRec^.Next; (* This line = unreachable code, W311 *) END; WITH CurrentRec^ DO ThisX := xPos; (* This line = redundant code eliminated , W900 *) ThisY := yPos; (* This line = redundant code eliminated, W900 *) END; IF CurrentItem = 1 THEN (* This line = constant condition eliminated, W902 *) LastX := ThisX; LastY := ThisY; ELSE IF ThisX > LastX THEN (* This line = unreachable code W311, + possible use before definition $LastX, W304 *) INC( ChoiceWidth ); (* This line = unreachable code *) LastX := ThisX; END; IF ThisY > LastY THEN (* This line = unreachable code + possible use before definition $LastY, W304 *) INC( ChoiceDepth ); (* This line = unreachable code *) LastY := ThisY; END; END; (* if *) END; (* while *) END SetDepthWidth;
  8. Topspeed Convert 2 errors not understood[SOLVED]

    Many thanks for the reply Konstantin, its a great help. Your advice has got me over the first problem, I found the Topspeed info for Pos it takes an array of Char, also found info for CharPos which does the same only it takes a Char. So the 2nd problem solved. Dave P..
  9. I am trying to convert some Topsped M2 library modules to XDS I have only just started using XDS and I am running into problems. I am having a problem understanding the following two errors. The code is as follows [ CODE ] (* This bit is Ok, for Info only *) MenuDefnPtr = POINTER TO MenuDefn; MenuDefn = RECORD MenuProc : PROC; (* Proc. to use while waiting for a responce *) (* Other bits of code *) END; [ END CODE ] (* No problem here *) When a Menu is displayed and awaits a key press, if Menu Proc has been allocated a procedure of type PROC the procedure will be called. and will return to the Menu on completion or a Key press. PROCEDURE SetMenuProc( MenuPtrs : Menu; NewProc : PROC ); this is set to NULLPROC when not required. (* in Topspeed *) MenuProc := NULLPROC; I changed NULLPROC to NIL but neither works. [ ORIGINAL CODE ] * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029] * incompatible types: "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()" "NILTYPE" MenuProc $:= NULLPROC; [ END Original ] [ CHANGED CODE ] * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029] * incompatible types: "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()" "NILTYPE" MenuProc $:= NIL; [ END Changed ] -------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Error that I cannot understand. * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 412.28 W325] * possible ambiguity; two-char array passed PosTilde := Pos( Name,$'~' ); How can '~' be a two char array, I believe CHAR is One Byte. Any help to resolve these two problems would be most welcome. Dave P..
  10. Why Error E008

    Hi Lion. Thanks for the Info, unfortunately I am running Linux, so stuck in the 1980;s on the command line. At present I am working on some library modules that I wrote way back, once these compile Ok then I can move on to a few programmes written about the same time, I have compiled a couple of Def files Ok, and am happy about an error in a .mod file, as it simply needs another .def file to be compiled first. Then onto the next step, building a programme, finding where it is, and what it's called, and running it. I have a laptop with XP on it which I can take away with me this has XDS installed, and opens with an editor, so may do some work with it while traveling, So far I have found using the command line not as bad as I first thought, but a Linux IDE would be nice. anyway I have cleared a couple of problems and feel a bit more confident using XDS. Thanks again for the info Dave P..
  11. Why Error E008

    Hi, This is a follow on from my Re-direction query, that's sort of solved. I have tried to compile a simple Definition file but get an error on line1 the file "Menus.def" was used with Topspeed under DOS ., The only change is the inclusion of -TOPSPEED+ at the beginning , without it there is a shed load of errors But I cannot figure out why the e008 error on line 1, Any help with this problem would be most welcome. [dave@localhost xds]$ xc ./p0/def/Menus.def XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "./p0/def/Menus.def" * [./p0/def/Menus.def 1.01 E008] * expected symbol "MODULE" $-TOPSPEED+ DEFINITION MODULE Menus; errors 1, no warnings, lines 1, time 0.00 [END CODE] Line 1of the file = -TOPSPEED+ DEFINITION MODULE Menus; E008 expected symbol %s (symbol) The compiler expects the given symbol at the indicated position. The symbol may be one of the following: | ; : . [ ] := ( ) { } , = .. DO END OF THEN TO UNTIL IMPORT MODULE Dave P..
  12. Why Error E008

    Hi, Many thanks for a clear and helpful reply. I have just tried <* +TOPSPEED +> DEFINITION MODULE Menus; Checked and it works fine, I have only just started to use the compiler, and have not used a Project file as I just wanted to compile a simple Def Module to get going with it , one step at a time !. Thanks again Dave P..
  13. Unable to get Redirection to work.

    Many thanks for the Reply. XDS re-installed, just the same. i've made some progress with the file Name and the Path. Seems that the Dos file name "MENUS..DEF" is unacceptable, but "Menus.def" is Ok. Although the xc.red file in the xds directory has *.def = ./def;./p0/def I have to use xc ./p0/def/FileName on the command line, not sure why ? So now I can get the compiler to work, but immediately hit an error problem, as this is unrelated to this post I have started a new post for the error problem. Dave P..
  14. Hi, I am desperately in need of some help, I am trying to convert a few simple programs written with Topspeed M2 back in the 90's. However I cannot seem to get the redirection file to work, I am using PC- Linux-OS. usr/local.xds/bin is in the $PATH and XDS is installed in /usr/local. I have created a sub directory of the xds directory /p0, and xcwork from p0 has created the def, obj, src, sym directories. I have put 2 files in xds/p0/def they are mylib.def and mylib.mod PART of REDIRECTION FILE in the xds directory. = *.def = ./def;/p0/def also tried *.def = ./usr/local/xds/p0/def However I always get a "no such file" Error [dave@localhost xds]$ xc mylib.def file open error: "mylib.def" no such file I even tried putting the mylib.def file in usr/local/xds/def/xds with other def files. and every other combination that I can think of, always the SAME Error Any help / suggestions most welcome xc.red