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  1. Hi,  I am desperately in need of some help, I  am trying to convert a few simple programs written with Topspeed M2 back in the 90's.

    However I cannot seem to get the redirection file to work,  I am using  PC- Linux-OS.

    usr/local.xds/bin   is in the $PATH        and      XDS is installed in /usr/local.

    I have created a sub directory of the xds directory   /p0,   and xcwork from p0 has created the  def, obj, src, sym  directories.

    I have put 2 files in xds/p0/def     they are  mylib.def  and  mylib.mod

    PART of REDIRECTION FILE   in the xds directory. =

    *.def  = ./def;/p0/def      also tried       *.def  = ./usr/local/xds/p0/def
    However I always get a  "no such file"  Error

    [dave@localhost xds]$ xc mylib.def
    file open error: "mylib.def" no such file

    I even tried putting  the mylib.def file in  usr/local/xds/def/xds      with other def files.

    and every other combination that I can think of,  always the   SAME Error

    Any help / suggestions  most welcome