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    Build Using Jenkins

    I am attempting to use the excelsior-jet-maven-plugin on a Jenkins build server. Jenkins is running as a System account, and as such, uses C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\ as a USERPROFILE directory. When I build using my account and Eclipse, the directory used is C:\Users\<Username>. When Excelsior builds, it is attempting to write some configuration files to the above directory, including one called "<PROGRAM_NAME>.rsp". However, maven doesn't have the access to write files to that directory, so nothing is created. When XLink runs later in the process, it is unable to find that file, which fails the build. I would much rather write those files to the project's target directory, so they are cleaned up after every build. Is there a way to change the spot where the config files are written, preferably through the Maven plugin? Thanks in advance.