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Found 1 result

  1. ktsang

    JIT cache is deprecated?

    Hi All, We want to enable code protection with our server applications and found excelsior jet is a good option. We successfully build native version of our applications by excelsior jet and it's up and running in our testing environment. Everything are okay but one of our application (with heavily used spring libraries) are found slow startup time due to many JIT compilation overhead. (Please see the attached log server_overhead.log) The startup time of native version is around 6 minutes (mostly are spent on spring context loading, which actually spent time on JIT compile spring classes) vs non native version which is around 40 seconds. To solve this issue, we try some optimized options (as below) about JIT cache but it doesn't work. It never create cache. After reading excelsior document, I learnt that JET static compiler sometimes cannot resolve dependencies. In our case, we have ApplicationContext in our main class like this: public class MyAppServer { @Autowired private ApplicationContext applicationContext; public MyAppServer() { } ... } However, the JET is not able to resolve ApplicationContext at runtime and try to JIT compile at the beginning during startup [JIT compiler] compile org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext [JIT compiler] compilation finished in 15ms, classes: 1 Attached our excelsior prj file for your reference. Please kindly advise. We have to build a native version of our applications which can run as fast as our non native version. Regards, Ken server.prj server_overhead.log