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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to convert some Topsped M2 library modules to XDS I have only just started using XDS and I am running into problems. I am having a problem understanding the following two errors. The code is as follows [ CODE ] (* This bit is Ok, for Info only *) MenuDefnPtr = POINTER TO MenuDefn; MenuDefn = RECORD MenuProc : PROC; (* Proc. to use while waiting for a responce *) (* Other bits of code *) END; [ END CODE ] (* No problem here *) When a Menu is displayed and awaits a key press, if Menu Proc has been allocated a procedure of type PROC the procedure will be called. and will return to the Menu on completion or a Key press. PROCEDURE SetMenuProc( MenuPtrs : Menu; NewProc : PROC ); this is set to NULLPROC when not required. (* in Topspeed *) MenuProc := NULLPROC; I changed NULLPROC to NIL but neither works. [ ORIGINAL CODE ] * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029] * incompatible types: "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()" "NILTYPE" MenuProc $:= NULLPROC; [ END Original ] [ CHANGED CODE ] * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029] * incompatible types: "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()" "NILTYPE" MenuProc $:= NIL; [ END Changed ] -------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Error that I cannot understand. * [./p0/src/Menus.mod 412.28 W325] * possible ambiguity; two-char array passed PosTilde := Pos( Name,$'~' ); How can '~' be a two char array, I believe CHAR is One Byte. Any help to resolve these two problems would be most welcome. Dave P..