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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have compiled a module Mylib.mod, it compiles with no errors, and 2 warnings, I then tried to compile another module Test.mod which imports from Mylib, but get an error "No sym file" [ CODE Compile Mylib.mod ] [dave@localhost xds]$ xc ./p0/src/Mylib.mod XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "./p0/src/Mylib.mod" * [./p0/src/Mylib.mod 743.11 W903] * function result is not used Ch := $RdKey(); * [./p0/src/Mylib.mod 2430.11 W903] * function result is not used Ch := $RdKey(); no errors, warnings 2, lines 2552, time 0.14 [ END CODE ] Here I tried to compile Test.mod, Which imports from Mylib [ CODE Compile Test.mod ] [dave@localhost xds]$ xc ./p0/src/Test.mod XDS Modula-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 10.05.2005 Compiling "./p0/src/Test.mod" * [./p0/src/Test.mod 25.07 F425] * file open error: "MyLib.sym" no such file FROM $MyLib IMPORT GetKey, Colors, RetainColors, RestoreColors, errors 1, no warnings, lines 25, time 0.00 [ END CODE ] Both Mylib.def and Test.def compile no problems. Are the warnings causing the problem ? or am I missing something ?. [The CODE causing the warnings follows, + a similar procedure ] PROCEDURE FlushKeyBoard; VAR Ch : CHAR; BEGIN WHILE KeyPressed() DO Ch := RdKey(); (* Ok so Ch does nothing, but I don't need it to *) END; (* while *) END FlushKeyBoard; [ END CODE ] Any advice as to why there is no sym file , and what I need to do to get around this problem would be most welcome. Dave P.. One other thing, as these are library modules, where do I put them after they are compiled, so that I can import them into an application module.?. Thanks.