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Excelsior JET 5.0 Released

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Excelsior JET 5.0 introduces Java Runtime Slim-Down, a new deployment model that may help you significantly reduce the download size of Java SE applications. With it, you may exclude certain components of the Java SE platform from the installation package, namely AWT/Java2D, CORBA, JDBC, JNDI, JSound, Management, RMI, Swing, and XML, provided they are not used by your Java application.

This release also delivers a major performance increase over the previous versions. As measured with two standard benchmark suites (SciMark2 and SPEC JVM98), the composite scores have improved by a factor of 1.7 compared to Excelsior JET 4.x.

Full information on new features and improvements

Download the fully functional Excelsior JET 5.0 Evaluation Package

Vote for Excelsior JET now!

Voting for 2007 Java Developer's Journal Readers' Choice Awards ends on May 31st. Excelsior JET is nominated in the "Best Java Virtual Machine" category. This is your last chance to support our nomination. Please vote for us today!

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