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just wanted to ask if a FreeBSD version of XDS-x86 (great product - I love it) exists.  Just was curious and thought it's maybe there (price?), as I read some old posts from comp.lang.modula2 and found out you made a version of XDS-C available for QNX.

BTW: Thanks a lot for the Linux-version! I hope I can spread the word on my HP.

Thanks a lot,


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No we do not have a FreeBSD version. But, as far as I know, the latest versions of FreeBSD provide a Linux compatibility layer or something like that, so perhaps you could run the Linux version there?

Technically, it should be easy to port XDS-x86 to FreeBSD, but given the low demand even on the Windows platform, it makes little sense for us to do that. At the same time, we make custom ports for our clients, for instance, there exists Native XDS-PowerPC for OS-9.

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Thanks a lot for the quick answer!

so for the few ones maybe interested (and I think this is a problem of the linux-support of FreeBSD, not one of XDS-x86): I use FreeBSD 4.6, I already tried to compile with the "additional ABI-support" and I get some error-message about GLIBC. When trying to run H2d, I get another error (not related to GLIBC). If anyone has managed to compile something please tell me. I'd be really interested. BTW this would also drastically increase the portability of programs made with XDS-x86.

TIA, Christoph

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See this patches:

http://users.msu.dubna.ru/~shiryaev/files/xds-dragonfly.patch for Native XDS-x86


http://users.msu.dubna.ru/~shiryaev/files/xds-c-dragonfly.patch for XDS-C

Example for XDS-C:

cp xds-c-251-enduser-linux.tgz /usr/local

cd /usr/local

gzip -d xds-c-251-enduser-linux.tgz

tar xf xds-c-251-enduser-linux.tar

fetch http://users.msu.dubna.ru/~shiryaev/files/xds-c-dragonfly.patch

patch < xds-c-dragonfly.patch

brandelf -t Linux xds/bin/xm

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/usr/local/xds/bin

setenv XDSDIR /usr/local/xds

cd xds/lib/C

gmake -f lib.mkf

cd ../../


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