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Call Native code from a compiled java dll

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We want to use excelsior to turn our lib into a native lib allowing native applications to load our lib and use it directly without need to use JNI.

The thing is that currently our library allows java users to write their own plugins to our lib in java, but since we want to allow native applications to use the our server we want to allow them to write native plugins.

Is there any recommended way to do it?



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As far as I know (but I may be wrong) its not possible to call jet-compiled code directly without JNI.

JET-Executables still run in a managed enviroment which means the executable has to control all threads, etc. for garbage collection etc. JNI is indirect enough to allow JET/Java to handle these situations.

Well as far as I know your plugin-creators would have to buy JET to create "native" plugins. I would recommend using the optimizing JIT compiler which produces almost as fast code as JET, this would also make it much easier to generate plugins for your users (ordinary jar's are ok).

lg Clemens

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