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Unloading the JVM and xFunction DLL

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I am using xFunction in my web application which runs inside Tomcat server. When create the xFunction methods, the xFunction library automatically loads the xFunction DLL and creates two JVMs, one with approximately 10Mbytes ram and another with a little more memory.

What are these two JVMs for?

How do I unload them when my main JVM is killed or terminated?

How do I terminate or unload the xFunction.dll? Is there a function in the xFunction library for unloading the DLL and the acompanying JVMs.

The problem is that if I leave these JVMs and the DLL loaded, the next time my up starts it fails to reload xFunction. Is there any way to reuse an xFunction DLL that is already loaded into memory instead of failing with UnsatisfiedLinkError.



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