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Compile to native without JRE?

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We are very interested in a native compiling solution like JET. I tried JET and noticed that in the distribution there is a JRE directory..... Is it possible to completely remove this JRE? We want to compiler our application into native code without any dependencies to java libraries... Our goal is to distribute our java application as as "real" native application so nobody knows the java roots ;)

Is it possible to reach that goal?


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Is it possible to reach that goal?


First of all, existence of certain JRE parts is required by Sun Java Compatibility license.

Second, there are certain remains of the Java code in the compiled executables, such as a bit of reflection information.

But you may try to use third-party encrypting tools. We know that a number of our customers successfully use a tool called PC Guard. You may find more information about it on its home page at http://www.sofpro.com. This tool has quite useful features such as advanced software copy protection, application encryption, password protection, hardware locking and so on.

Note that if you use any kind of code encryption, you have to switch off the "Hide executable object names" protection options. Make sure to read this thread:


Also, there is a Knowledge Base article "HOWTO: Maximize protection of your application against reverse engineering" available at


Finally, you may find yet more information about encryption of generated files in the Excelsior JET User's Guide, Chapter "Deployment automation", Section "Installations protected by license managers".

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Hi Ultramixer,

The JRE directory does not contain a JRE, only a few librarries used by the native application.

So yes, everything known at compile-time will be compiled to native code.

Maybe the name "JRE" was not well choosen ;)

lg Clemens

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