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automate creation of installer through ant scripts

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    We are currently using Excelsior Jet for changing our Swing application into a native application. Some of the steps are being done manually. We want to automate end to end the creation of the installer to be deployed on various desktops, all the way from compiling Java code to obfuscating it using proguard to creating the installer through Excelsior Jet and packaging the application through Excelsior JetPack.

We have created the .prj and .jpn files. We need to know how to call these through the ant scripts passing in any arguments, and automate the whole process. Do you have any ant tasks for this (since your product mainly targets the Java language)?

Some working examples would be appreciated.

Thank you for you time.



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You may easily integrate the build and pack processes of jet-compiled executables into your existing ant scripts:

1. For build, use build script that is automatically created by JET Control Panel such as build_YourApp.bat

2. For pack, use xpack command line utility. For more details on the subject, read JET User's Guide, Chapter "Deployment automation", Section "Deployment utilities", Subsection "xpack"

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