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register with server during installation

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    We have a product that we build and package using Excelsior Jet and Excelsior Jetpack 2. When end user is installing the application on their system we want to enable the end user to register their product with us before the installation keeps proceeding. Only after a successful registration does the installer allow the end user to complete the installation.

How do we achieve this? Can you suggest a solution for this?

Thank you


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If you opt for Excelsior Installer as a backend of your installer, you need to write an install customization DLL for your challenge.  Refer to this sample <JETInstallDir>/samples/InstallCustomization and read the JET User's Guide, Chapter "Deployment automation", Section "Step 7: Specifying Installation Settings / Extra facilities", and Section "Excelsior Installer / Callback DLLs".

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