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JET 6.0 Invocation/cMain sample error

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Hello everybody,

Just downloaded JET 6.0 evaluation package.

I tried the Invocation/cMain sample and there is a problem with it, it does not properly terminate.

To be more precise, I traced C code through printf and discovered that finalizeJavaRT function never returns, since the call to (*jvm)->DestroyJavaVM (jvm) does not return at all.

Is it a known bug ? Any tip ? How to fix it ?

I am going to build a Win32 product heavily relying on native DLLs containing Java code, compiled through JET, that sounds critical for me (and to buy the product.... or not  ;D ).

Thanks in advance for your valuable help.


Romain Tisserand

[EDIT] : I'm using JET 6.0 30-day eval, Windows Vista (32-bit) on an AMD X2 4200+ Box with 2 Go of RAM. Sample compiled with JDK 1.6.0_04 and VS2005 SP1.

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I have just compiled the cMain sample on Vista with JET 6.0 eval and it works fine.

Do not you modify the sample before compiling?

Can the problem be reproduced on another PC?

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Thanks for your answer.

I will double check today at work on another machine with a flat eval install.

No, I did not modify anything on the sample, but I have Sun's JDK/JRE 1.6.0_04 and a lot of installed applications and services on that computer (Avast!4, some Vmware stuff, VS2005, VS2008).

Don't know if it can cause trouble (can't see why actually) but will recompile at work tomorrow and keep in touch.


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