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Compiler "problem"

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This is actually a "cosmetic" issue, but it would be nice if you could solve it.

I have an Oberon-2 file with some type-bound procedures and some non type bound procedures. I also use (**  *) comments. When I compile the file and produce the corresponding .odf file, the (**  *) comments that had already been printed are REPEATED before the non type bound procedures. I am attaching a test case: (1) the project file, (2) the source .ob2 file, and (3) the .odf file produced. I have removed all code from the source file and left only procedure names. Due to your restrictions regarding attached file names, I have changed the .odf file name. Note that I often produce .odf files, but this problem does not appear in every case. I have been unable to figure out what exactly causes the problem.






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  I know how to stop this problem with the exported comments.

In your code you have parameterless exported procedures such as

PROCEDURE (VAR s:VarString)RecEnvRpl*;

If you add an empty pair of brackets to these definitions then the odf output will be correct.

PROCEDURE (VAR s:VarString)RecEnvRpl*();

Hope I'm right! 


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