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JET 6.0 Eval / DLL JNI / problem recreating JVM after dll unload then load

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I have continued my evaluation of JET 6.0 to build my Win32 application using heavily JNI into DLLs.

Basically, I have writing a MFC/Win32 .EXE application which manages several DLLs.

Each DLL is in fact a Java application (JAR file) compiled with JET.

I got the CreateVM / JNI cycle + DestroyVM working properly.

The problem is now that when I switch from one "child" application (called App1) to another "child" application(App2) to another, I am doing :

- DestroyJavaVM <= Tried with and without it.... same result

- FreeLibrary(hApp1);

- LoadLibrary(hApp2);

- GetCreatedJavaVMs <== returns always zero

- CreateJavaVM <== crash, picture attached

Is it something possible to switch from one dll to another, and reinit the JET JNI/DLL runtime ?

That's something critical for my application, I have to stop the project right now if I can't.

Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward for your answer.

Do not hesitate to PM me if you need more information and/or sample code to reproduce the bug.


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DestroyJavaVM is not implemented yet in Excelsior JET. So you may not switch the jet-compiled DLLs from one to another currently.  We will address this issue in a future version of Excelsior JET.

Why is it important for you to reinit JET runtime? Why the jars cannot live in one JVM?

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Hi, thanks for your answer !

Basically, we are building a sort or media player as a Win32 EXE, and the JAR contains the DRM+Media, they are compiled as DLL. The user can download "on-demand" media files, so we *need* to switch at runtime.

When do you plan to implement/fix that ?

We were planning to buy Excelsior JET Pro, but we can't if the DLL switching does not work :(

Or maybe do you see another way to do what we intend to ?

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Perhaps, it will be fixed in the next JET version, but it is scheduled as optional task only.

We may also implement this on a consultency basis. Please contact our support ( java at excelsior-usa.com ) if you are interested.

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