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Two usability issues with Jet Pack II

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1. I cannot reset After-install runnable field to empty in either original project or update project.

This is especially a problem for update project. I have to set a do-nothing exe there.

2. When I ran the update package on a PC where the original package was not installed,

In the step to choose installation location, the list was empty. So I selected a location.

Then when I tried to select another location, the program said that the first location was automatically detected,

which was not true.

I did this test because we used a different installer before. I wanted to see if the update package can work with our old installation.

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1. To remove After-install runnable, click on the appropriate textfield and press "DEL" key. It is not obvious behavior indeed and there is a RFE for this in our issue tracker.

2. Yes, it is quite strange behavior of the installer. I have created an issue for this. Since it is not fatal misbehavior, the fix is likely to appear in the next JET version only.

PS. NullPointerException you reported earlier has been fixed for two days. However, you have not contacted us since then.

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