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Graph library and procedure point

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For a small school game project, I would like to read some pixels from the graph window.

According to the graph.def file, the procedure 'Point' is what I need,

but when I call it in my module, 'Point' always returns 0.

How do I use this procedure correctly, or is there another (relativly simple) way of getting the colour of a pixel?

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It seems to me the procedure Graph.Point() does not work at all, unfortunately. You may try to use the next, slightly ugly, code:

(* read pixel's color of the screen *)

PROCEDURE PointColor(x, y : LONGCARD): Windows.DWORD;


  gbm: Graph.HBITMAP;

  wbm: Windows.HBITMAP;

  color: Windows.DWORD;


  Graph.GetImage(x, y, x, y, gbm);

  wbm := Windows.HBITMAP(gbm);

  IF Windows.GetBitmapBits(wbm, SIZE(color), color) = 0 THEN

    color := Windows.DWORD(-1);



  RETURN color;

END PointColor;

Note it return RGB color instead of an index of palette.

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