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Calling an External Executable?

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Thank you guys for helping me in the past. I have yet not got my thing to work ? but I have a question:

How do I call an external executable from Modula 2?

In TopSpeed my code has

FROM Lib IMPORT Exec;  --> For the Import Statement



For calling the external executable ?hh_prog.exe? Is this correct?, because it seems that my external executables are not getting called.

Thanks again for your help.


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I wanted to add that as is defined as:


and from another module:

Strin = ARRAY [0..inlen] OF CHAR;

I looked into Lib.def inside TS and it shows me:


                Params  :ARRAY OF CHAR;

                Env    :ExecEnvPtr) :CARDINAL;

So is the problem with as or with the NIL for Env?

Thanks a lot.


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If the function Lib.Exec() succeeds, the return value is nonzero. Check the return value first.

Also, try to add ".exe" file extension to the program name like "hh_prog.exe".

Note, if the program name does not contain a directory path, Lib.Exec() searches for the executable file in the same sequence as Windows does:

- the directory from which the main application started;

- the current directory for the main application;

- the Windows system directory;

- the Windows directory;

- the directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable.

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Dear sleepyhead,

Thanks for your reply. I am sorry I could not get back to you earlier ? I am in the middle of my exams.

I think the addition of the *.exe was the problem. Another problem was one of the executables was being called with the wrong parameters ? I don?t know why this was wrong though.

This thing still does not work completely ? but I am working on it. Thank you for your help


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