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Console output

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Hi all,

I use the last Excelsior Pro with Java SE 1.6.

So, I tried the options "-gui+" and "-gui-" but the result it is not that i want.

"-gui+" doesn't show windows console from Windows Explorer, but I cannot see output when I start my application from a console.

with "-gui-", i can see output in the console, but from Windows Explorer a console is opened with my window application.

I would like no console when i start from Windows Explorer, but see outputs (System.out and System.err) when i start from a console (normal operation, no?).

Some body have a solution?


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Use Linux -- it has exactly this behavior  ;).

On Windows, it is an executable property to have or not to have a console, that is not sensitive to the calling context.

As workaround, I can only suggest to have two executables: one with console and another without, like "java" and "javaw". It may be fake executables that call main executable after making "gui -" or "gui +" on it.

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