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Expiration feature

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I notice that the expiration feature works on the installation exe file itself, meaning that the exe file will expire and not installable after a certain number of days.

However, I would like to know if Excelsior Jet supports a "run-time" expiration.  In my case, I would like my product to expire 60 days from the day it was installed.

So my questions are: is this feature supported?  and how do I do that?

Thanks very much.

Huy Vo

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Dear Huy Vo,

No, this feature is not supported mostly because such expiration scheme is easy to break.

However, we have a few requests for this feature, though it is not yet scheduled for development.

You may wish to fill this Feature Request form


It will help us prioritize our development activity to meet the requirements of our customers.

With best wishes,

--ZZ Top

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