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Is there an equivalent to "~" for /home/user ?

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I have some constants that contain a path to a directory in my $HOME - this works for me, but would have to be changed by anyone else. I know that I can obtain the path with ProgEnv.String("HOME", str) but that kind of keeps it out of the global constants.  I will eventually be using a configuration file, but until that time, I was wondering if there was any equivalent to ~ (like the way $HOME can be used when you're compiling)

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Maybe you could use something like 'whoami' to fetch the current username which in most cases is the name of the current users home directory. I am sure I remember a function 'getusername' in Linux. But I am not sure if this is what you want -



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Thanks Christoph - well, when it comes to that point, I can get the get it a number of ways, and I've added code for it.  I was just wondering about using the ~ or an equivalent that the compiler (edit: or rather, the system the code is running on) would recognize by default., before any actual code was run.

Thanks for the help!


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OK, I'm trying it this way, can anyone tell me why it doesn't work? From the docs, it seems to accept the tilde

MODULE Test01;

IMPORT FilePath, STextIO, DStrings, SYSTEM, FormStr;

  p6datPath = "./p6dat/dat;~/p6dat/dat;/home/terry/p6dat/dat;.";
  fileName  = "version";

  fname  : DStrings.String;
  output : ARRAY [0..80] OF CHAR;
  result : SYSTEM.INT16;

  FilePath.Lookup(p6datPath, fileName, fname, result);
  FormStr.print(output, "result: %d   file name: %s\n", result, fname^);
END Test01.

However, it gives me this output.  It finds the match on the 3rd item ( [tt]/home/terry/p6dat/dat/version [/tt] ) which is essentially the same as the 2nd item ( [tt]~/p6dat/dat/version[/tt] ) -- the 2nd item would be more generic, which is what I need.

[tt]terry@dorsai:~/projects/modula-2/xds/FileStuff$ ./Test01

result: 3  file name: /home/terry/p6dat/dat/version


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