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XDS-86 generates "-lncurses" option for gcc (ld:) linker for Ubuntu Linux

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Plaing with XDS-86 on Ubuntu Linux I have met XDS is generating automaically "-lncurses" when calling  gcc and later the ld linker. This option seems to not be supported under Ubuntu.

This opion is predefined in (XDS) xc.tem file for setting: env_target=x86linux

What's interesting all other env  (AIX, Free BSD, std. Linux) settings are not set to generate this option, they only do "-lm".

I have remooved "-lncurses" out of xc.tem (x86linux) and XDS still works fine.

Does anybody know what was the purpose of using "-lncurses" for gcc (ld) call ?

Tom Telesfor

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Please read forum topic "Ubuntu Linux - Extra installation notes for XDS-86/TSCP"

for additional installation information on Linux (Ubuntu). It also covers -lncurses issue.

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