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Some (different) questions regarding TimeConv

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I'm in the process of writing my own time conversion module, and I'm just wondering about some basic things.

[tt]Convert[/tt] - does it return an integer specifying the time difference, or just  -1, 0, 1?  I'm curious, because it states a value less/greater

than zero

Do the functions and procedures [tt]SubDateDays, SubDateSecs, AddDateDays, AddDateSecs[/tt] take into consideration things like leap years?

Finally, and just for general information:  I don't know if it has any bearing on the [tt]TimeConv[/tt] problem wherein the dates are always invalid (it shouldn't, considering the description in the manual), but the definition of the [tt]DateTime[/tt] record shows [tt]DateTime.summerTimeFlag[/tt], however, it's actually accessed with [tt]DateTime.SummerTimeFlag[/tt]

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