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Anyone familiar with Xlib and Motif?

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Can anyone help me in getting a clearer understanding of how strings work in the X11 and Xm libraries?  In general, when I'm working with example Motif programs in C I have pretty good luck, except when it comes to having to use certain types of strings.

For example, I have to go through a couple of extra steps to be able to use checks of argv^[0]

Another example, I can't figure out how to use XmStringCreateLocalized, I have to use other options, like XmStringCreate, or XmStringCreateLtoR

Any pointers or links to resources would be appreciated.



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OK, the first one I think I figured out, and involves my confusion over when C is using pointers (I think)

In the C code, it is:

  printf ("usage: %s bitmap-file\n", argv[0])
  exit (1);

it seems to work when I use:

    printf("usage: %s bitmap-file\n", argv^[0]^ );

I'm still having some major problems though.  I can get things to work in Motif 1.2 terms, but I'm having more difficulty trying to do things the "right" way in Motif 2.1/2.2 terms.

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