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Resource of relative path cannot be accessed after generating exe file

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Dear all,

I have a problem for resource of a relative path.

Introduce: I have created an executable Jar file in the folder C:\test\, which will use a resource file language.xml (c:\test\language.xml). In the Java code, I read this xml file using relative path like getXML(".\\language.xml"). It works if I run my application from Eclipse.

Problem: If I enter the folder c:\test and double click the Jar file, it also works well. but if I go to another fold like d:\ and run the command: d:\>"c:\test\abc.jar", it doesn't work, because my application cannot found the file d:\language.xml.

Try to solve: Therefore I used two software (JET and NativeJ) to create exe file to solve this problem. The exe file generated by NativeJ works well if I run the command d:\>"c:\test\abc.jar". It searches language.xml from the folder where the exe file (c:\test) locates. But the exe file generated from JET still searches language.xml from d:\. Therefore, my application always tells me "cannot find language.xml file".

how to solve this problem? Is this a bug of JET?

Thank you very much


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This is not a bug.

It seems that in your case the simplest way is to use


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