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Is there anyway to change the installed PDF files created with Excelsior Installer to open with another program other than Acrobat or Acrobat Reader? 

I would like to be able to open the PDF files, that are part of our Installer Package, with FoxIt Reader, which would be included in the installation.  I would need to be able to change the files association, for our files, within the installer package.

Your Excelsior Installer is a joy to use.

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As I know, there is no way to set up the files associations for certain group of files. If you set the association for PDF files to FoxIt Reader, it means that all PDF files on end-user computer will be opened with the help of FoxIt Reader.

However, you can create a shortcuts for any files included into your installation package!

- Open Excelsior Packager, first add all files you need (at least FoxIt Reader and your PDF files), go to Settings, select Shortcuts tab, then select shortcut desctination, finally, click [ + ] button to add a new shortcut.

- From the contents of the package select FoxIt Reader, click Ok. You will see something like 'Target: $(Root)\FoxIt Reader.exe'.

- At the 'Arguments:' input line click [Add]. From the contents of the package select your PDF file, click Ok.

- If you need, click on rename button [A->B] and type the name your wish.

Easy to do than to describe. :-)  You can add any numbers of shortcuts; all of them will be installed to the end-user computer. If the user will click on such shortcut, FoxIt Reader will start.

Do this solution help you to fix the problem?

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Thanks for this info - it helps my problem somewhat. 

Now, if there is a way to create a Folder in My Documents, then Install certain files within this folder + include the links, then problem would be totally solved.  Both Acrobat Reader & FoxIt opens the My Documents window, by default, to search for file that user desires to open.  My clients are older and this would assist them greatly by having the folder, with necessary files, located there.   

Hope this makes sense and do appreciate your assistance.  Your Excelsior Installer is really a pleasure to use compared to others out there.

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Thank you for your kind words!

In fact, Excelsior Installer is designed to support only a simple installation scenario. It seems you need slightly more features... Well, if you are not afraid of difficulties, let's try to do that with Excelsior Installer!  ;)

- Create the file, say, copyMyDocuments.bat.

- Put the next lines into this file:

    rem The first parameter is the installation directory

    rem Specify $(ROOT) within the Post-Install Actions

    set rootDir=%1

    if %rootDir% == "" goto :EOF

    rem Set temporary variables

    set logFile=%rootDir%\copyMyDocuments.log

    set myDocuments=%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\My Documents

    set myFolder="%myDocuments%\MyApplication"

    rem Creare folder....

    if not exist %myFolder% mkdir %myFolder% > %logFile%

    rem ...and copy all files you need

    rem Don't forget to enclose file name in quotation marks " "

    copy %rootDir%\"msgsocm.log" %myFolder% >> %logFile%

    copy %rootDir%\"msmqinst.log" %myFolder% >> %logFile%

    copy %rootDir%\"MPEditor.ini" %myFolder% >> %logFile%

    copy %rootDir%\"msdfmap.ini" %myFolder% >> %logFile%

    copy %rootDir%\"pic17 218.gif" %myFolder% >> %logFile%

- Add this file 'copyMyDocuments.bat' to your installation package (at the first page of the packager).

- Go to Settings, select Post-install actions, click Add action button. Set Type -> Run always, Target -> copyMyDocuments.bat, Start In -> $(Root), Arguments -> $(Root).

At the end of the installation the installer will call copyMyDocuments.bat with the actual arguments, and this command file will copy all files you specified into My Documents folder for the current user.

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Since Excelsior Installer/Delivery version 2.0 it is made possible to locate the default installation folder(s) of your application in any of standard Windows locations, like Desktop, Application Data, My Documents etc.

In addition, Excelsior Delivery allows to you to install application files to any number of folders in addition to the main installation root.

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