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Using Uninstall

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I've discovered that if two different .exe files are used to download their own set of files, they both appear to use the same uninstall file.

If a user decides to uninstall one set of files, it will prevent the remaining set from being removed using the uninstall link.

I've tried using different folders, but all files still remain associated with the main uninstall link.

Is there a way to set up (or separate) the uninstall files so that they do not affect the other files that are downloaded using Excelsior?

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Dear Rudy,

I'm sorry for unexpected delay!

The current version of Excelsior Delivery does not support the installation several packages into the same folder. Only last installed package will be removed correctly. 

You can configure the uninstaller to remove all files from the installation folders. Page "Settings", Tab "Extra facilities", checkbox "Remove all files ...". Please take into account that in this case the registry keys and file associations of other packages will not be removed.

In the current version there is no way to disable uninstalling feature. Probably it will be included in the next version.

With respect to your previous report "installer window dropped under the browser window" we should say that we resolve this issue. Unfortunately, the solution requires great changes in installer engine and will be available only in the next version. We apologize for inconveniences.

With best regards,


Excelsior Installer Team

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