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Error (54) message question

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I have been writing programs in XDS Modula-2 for years with great success, but now I am having trouble with a program, using the Win32 interface, that puts a lot of data onto the heap.  The program runs fine with smaller amounts of data but behaves erratically with large amounts of data.  I tried increasing the memory allocations in the project file, with no improvement.   I tried converting the main module from Modula-2 to Oberon-2 (my first use of Oberon) in order to gain garbage collection.  This compiles with no errors, but gives the following error on linking: "Error (54): Name 'main' not found (referenced in file xstart.asm (library C:\XDS\lib\x86\xstart.lib}}"  None of my program uses assembly language, so I don't understand this message, and I can't find any mention of this error message in any of the XDS documentation.  Can anybody suggest why I might be getting this message, or what to do about it?  

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  You get this error if you haven't specified the MAIN compiler option in the module containing the entry point for your code.

Just insert <* MAIN+ *> above the MODULE statement.


<* MAIN+ *>

MODULE MainModule;


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