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Add a password to the installation file?

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Dear Ted,

Thank you for your suggestion. It will be added into the features list for the future releases!

If you need that action right now, you can use Excelsior Delivery. It extends installation scenario with your own callback DLL that will be called before installation.


Best regards,

Konstantin, Excelsior Installer Team


Evaluation version of Excelsior Delivery supports full functionality except branding of installation dialogs and may be used for non-commercial products for free.

Excelsior Delivery 1.7: Callback DLLs

The install callback DLL should export the two functions:

    int __stdcall PreInstall (char* installation_folder_name) 

    int __stdcall PostInstall (char* installation_folder_name)

where the installation_folder_name parameter is the absolute pathname of the installation directory. The uninstall callback DLL should export the function

int __stdcall PreUninstall (void)

Return value of the functions is a return code. If they return a non-zero value, the (un)installation process will be terminated and a dialog displaying the respective message and the return code, will appear. The installer/uninstaller invokes the functions in the order described in sections Installer and Uninstaller.

Though the declarations are given in the notation of the C language, you can create the DLLs using another programming language provided that it has equivalent types and its implementation supports the __stdcall calling convention.

Note: when building the DLLs, enable the static linking mode so that they do not depend on any other DLLs except those implementing the system API.

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