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Multiple Jars Built in Seperate Executables but 1 installable package

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Can anyone help me? I have 2 java applications that are compiled into 2 seperate jar files. Neither depends on the other, but both have to be present when Excelsior creates the installation package. Is it possible to do this in Excelsior.

1.) Excelsior create 2 executables



2.) Excelsior JET Package the executables so that they install with the following structure.

Programs Files

--------------------------->Base Directory

----------------------------------------------------------> A.exe

----------------------------------------------------------> B.exe 

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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Can anyone help me?

I will give a try.  B)

1) Launch JetPackII from the JET's start menu

2) Click "New Installation"

3) Using the embedded filechooser on the right pane, add both executables to the package files (you may simply drag the files from the filechooser to the left pane)

4) Create installation package as usual

For more details, consult the JET User's Guide, Chapter "Deployment automation"

Please let me know if it worked out

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